About Us

Jericho Resources, Inc. is a human services consulting firm, which has completed projects from Harlingen, Texas to Hedera, Israel. William Martin, a former Executive Aide to Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, founded Jericho Resources, Inc. as a way of assisting governments and organizations in breaking down barriers to delivering better performance for their communities and constituents.

Jericho Resources, Inc., a certified Minority Business Enterprise, has provided technical assistance, training, marketing, evaluation, performance improvement, resource development, and strategic planning for nonprofit executives and policymakers in the United States, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and Israel. Its leadership has advised several members of the British, Dutch and Israeli governments on both human services initiatives and engaging the private for-profit and nonprofit sectors in effective policy implementation.

In addition to being a keynote speaker for a number of conferences in Europe, William Martin has been invited to speak by a variety of organizations, including the Alliance for Children & Families, the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals, MAFO, the Michigan Nonprofit Association, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, and the Greater Milwaukee Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.


Jericho Resources, Inc BBB Business Review






Jericho Resources, Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and has received an A+ rating—the highest rating possible. William Martin, the firm’s president, is proud to be a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals.