How Do You Know
Your Services Are Effective?

Increasingly, from federal grants to private sources, funders are asking organizations to demonstrate that their services are effective. Many funders want to know grant recipients are, in fact, adhering to what they proposed.

Every external evaluator will focus on such issues as compliance and outcomes. Jericho Resources, Inc. not only includes those areas, but also provides organizations with a competitive edge by identifying strengths and ways to build upon them to improve performance.

Examples of Jericho Resources, Inc.’s experience include:

  • Performing a countywide pre-evaluation of workforce development programs, and working with administrators and service providers to rectify gaps and increase results in advance of an official government evaluation
  • Conducting the first-of-its-kind, statewide evaluation of all law-related education programs and publications for the State Bar of Wisconsin (Please feel free to click on the State Bar report cover to review an excerpt of the report.)
  • Implementing an evaluation of a welfare-to-work system to streamline service delivery


Law-related Education Evaluation Report Excerpt