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Jericho Resources, Inc. completes strategic planning emphasizing financial strength for 102-yr.-old faith-based agency. (March 8, 2010)

Over a century ago, the Misericordia Sisters founded Rosalie Manor as a home for unwed mothers.  Over the decades, the agency’s programming has changed, but its focus on at-risk children and strengthening the ability of families to care for them has not.  Faced with financial challenges in uncertain economic times, Rosalie Manor Community & Family Services worked withJericho Resources, Inc. to develop a detailed strategic plan designed to improve the organization’s financial health and build a solid foundation for future growth. 

Don Shane, Rosalie Manor’s Executive Director wrote, “Your interpretation of our discussions, combined with your knowledgeable analysis, communicates the context of our challenge and the path of action that will lead to our success.  You have achieved the most important step in this effort – no one could have done it better!  Thank you for your friendship, support of Rosalie Manor and the incredible quality of your work.”

Jericho Resources, Inc. has provided a variety of assistance to Rosalie Manor over the years, including revising its positive youth development curriculum to gain approval through the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, and developing its successful federal grant application for $3 million in Responsible Fatherhood funding.




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