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Jericho Resources, Inc. reaches new milestone, having helped clients gain over $350 million in government grants.  (March 24, 2010)

Jericho Resources, Inc. is pleased to announce the firm has now helped its government and nonprofit clients compete successfully for over $350 million in public grants since its founding in 2001.  More than four out of every five grant applications and proposals Jericho Resources, Inc. has prepared in response to government Requests For Proposals (RFPs) have been awarded funding.  The firm’s successes include helping:

  • the State of Wisconsin gain ARRA/economic stimulus funding,
  • a small nonprofit with dozens of volunteers and only 1 full-time employee win a 3-yr. $900,000 grant for Family and Educational Advocacy services,
  • a Dutch and Israeli consortium achieve a contract award to implement the first-ever welfare-to-work program in the Middle East
  • a faith-based organization obtain nearly $36 million to administer a variety of services for at-risk youth and families
  • nonprofits receive over $250 million to provide employment and job training services


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