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Jericho Resources, Inc. prepares #1-ranked proposal for St. Charles Youth & Family Services.  (April 2, 2010)

When St. Charles Youth & Family Services desired to become a government-contracted provider to coordinate alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) recovery services for low-income residents, the nonprofit selected Jericho Resources, Inc. to prepare its proposal.  St. Charles was awarded a contract. When county government issued a new Request For Proposal in January 2010 for AODA Recovery Support Coordination, St. Charles Youth & Family Services needed another strong proposal in order to continue providing these services. 

Jericho Resources, Inc. prepared a new proposal emphasizing St. Charles’ performance, credentials, management team, and results-oriented client tracking/follow-up systems.  The nonprofit’s proposal was ranked #1 by the county’s review panel, and St. Charles will be contracted to continue providing these important services for individuals struggling to overcome addiction.

Since 2002, Jericho Resources, Inc. has been preparing responses to government Requests For Proposals on behalf of St. Charles Youth & Family Services.  In that time, the firm has helped this 90-yr.-old nonprofit compete successfully for over $35 million of public funding for worthy human services.


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