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 Jericho Resources, Inc. evaluates statewide TDOT program
(Jan. 1, 2012)

Jericho Resources, Inc., a human services consulting firm, conducted the first external evaluation of a five-year program specifically designed to develop the professional skills of Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) personnel.  Known as the TDOT Executive Leadership Academy, or TELA, the initiative was administered by the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service as a way of preparing transportation staff for future leadership roles, creating a qualified pool of internal candidates, and retaining talent.

In an effort to evaluate the TDOT Executive Leadership Academy and UT Institute for Public Service’s facilitation, Jericho Resources, Inc. reviewed source documents regarding the statewide program’s mission, design, and deliverables; interviewed key leaders, and surveyed TDOT personnel who participated during the 5-year life of the initiative.


“Taking time to measure the effectiveness of professional development training is integral to improving the competitiveness of one’s workforce,” said William Martin, president of Jericho Resources, Inc.  “Helping organizations serve people more effectively is always rewarding, but it is a special honor to assist my home state of Tennessee.”



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