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Wisconsin’s largest school district selects Jericho Resources, Inc. to prepare its Head Start grant application.
(July 12, 2012)

Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), the largest school district in Wisconsin and the 38th largest in the United States, retained Jericho Resources, Inc. to prepare its Head Start application after conducting a competitive bid process for federal grant writing services.  MPS educates over 80,000 students annually, and is seeking to expand its early childhood education services across a network of nearly 40 neighborhood-based schools throughout the city.

MPS proposes to offer Head Start programming to three- and four-year-old children who live in Milwaukee and have the greatest need for high-quality early education services.  The district’s proposed strategy enhances its outreach to children with disabilities, those who may be homeless or are in foster care, and others with limited English proficiency. 

With nearly half of all Milwaukee children living in poverty, it is imperative we do all we can to provide them with the tools to succeed academically and strive for brighter futures,” said William Martin, president of Jericho Resources, Inc.  “I am proud my firm is part of MPS’ team effort to pursue those resources.”

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