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Nonprofit client is awarded 4-year welfare-to-work contract over national for-profits.  (August 3, 2012)

In a highly competitive process to select welfare-to-work providers that will implement Wisconsin Works, the Wisconsin Department of Children & Families has awarded UMOS a 4-year contract to serve low-income families living in the southern segment of Milwaukee County.  A diversified nonprofit providing workforce development, child development, education, and an array of social services, UMOS competed with several for-profits—including an internationally recognized corporation listed on the New York Stock Exchange. 

UMOS is the only nonprofit organization selected by the Department of Children & Families to serve the Milwaukee County area, and it is one of only 8 providers in the entire state to be awarded a contract.  The organization will be responsible for assisting eligible families living in south-side Milwaukee or in the municipalities of Cudahy, Greendale, Greenfield, Franklin, Oak Creek, St. Francis, South Milwaukee, West Allis, and West Milwaukee.

Under the Department of Children & Families’ new welfare-to-work design, contracted agencies will provide emergency assistance as well as comprehensive assessment, case management, cash and other benefits processing, career planning, employment readiness, work experience, job training, job recruitment/placement, and retention services.  Services are provided within community-based, one-stop job centers, and contractors are compensated on both a performance and fee-for-service basis.  A contractor may earn up to $36 million within the 4-year period.  If performance meets or exceeds state standards, the contractor may be extended for up to 8 additional years without having to face another competitive process.

For the third consecutive time, UMOS retained Jericho Resources, Inc. to assist in preparing its proposal to administer Wisconsin Works.  The nonprofit has been awarded a contract each time.

In addition to proposal writing, Jericho Resources, Inc. assisted the organization in designing performance-driven service delivery strategy aligned with state and federal requirements as well as the organization’s mission and values.  Jericho Resources, Inc. has had the pleasure of helping UMOS compete successfully for more than $100 million in contracts over the past decade.

I have known the leadership team at UMOS for 20 years, and am honored the organization continues to seek Jericho Resources, Inc.’s assistance for its highest priority projects,” said Jericho Resources, Inc. President William Martin. “I cherish the agency’s continued confidence and support.”

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